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Kominfo has key role in creating trusted digital identity nationally

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, Nezar Patria, here on Monday outlined the role of the Communication and Information Ministry (Kominfo) in creating a national digital identity that is trusted by the public.

He said that Kominfo's duties are outlined in Law No.1 of 2024 concerning the Second Amendment to Law No.11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information Transactions and Presidential Regulation No.82 of 2023 concerning the Acceleration of Digital Transformation.

The duties of the ministry also include the integration of national digital services. "The Communication and Informatics Ministry is responsible for fostering and supervising the integration of priority Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) applications with the use of digital identities," Patria said.

Digital identity collection refers to the digital collection of data on individuals, organizations, and electronic devices, he explained. According to Law Number 2 of 2024, a digital identity can only be obtained from Certified Electronic Providers (PSrEs) who have received certification from the government.

Meanwhile, Kominfo is drafting derivative regulations related to digital identity data collection.

The digital identities issued by PSrEs will be used to support public services later. It is expected that digital identities can also be used in SPBE after the integration of public services has been successfully carried out.

Thus, the Kominfo will play a vital role in ensuring that the integration of public services is successful and the use of digital identities issued by PSrEs to support public services is effective.

"The Govtech INA, which was launched last month, is one of the steps for strengthening SPBE whose priority is utilizing integrated digital identities from PSrEs, which are federated digital identity providers," Patria

The public can use the GovTech service to verify their data and access SPBE services, he added.

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Kominfo has key role in creating trusted digital identity nationally