China Releases 6G Projects

IDCNOVA news:In the afternoon of June 20,2019,the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)released the national crucial projects on broadband and new type network 2019,and there are 6 projects related to 6G.They focus new type network and high efficient transmission,aiming to make China a global leader in B5G and 6G wireless telecom technology and standards,to break through in the future wireless mobile telecom,provide steady technical foundation for“strong China in terms of network and internet.

These 6 projects cover satellite telecom research and theoretical verification integrating with 5G/6G,it focus on the technical issue covering satellite telecom and 5G/6G ground mobile telecom integration,implement telecom standard research on 3GPP.Synergy mobile telecom between the earth and space research is included too.Open source ecosystem supported wireless synergy environment is also mentioned.

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