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IDCC20201: the 16th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony (IDCC2021) with the theme of "Energy, Computing Power, and Digitization" was successfully held in Shenzhen.

From December 21st to 22nd, the 16th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony (IDCC2021) with the theme of "Energy, Computing Power, and Digitization" was successfully held in Shenzhen. As a well-known industry exchange platform in the field of digital infrastructure, the two-day IDCC 2021 annual industry ceremony attracted more than 5,000 people to attend the conference. The conference set up 2 main forums, 6 sub-forums, 8 corporate sessions and high-level closed-door forums, and three high-level dinners to discuss development. There were nearly 100 corporate exhibitions in the two major exhibition areas. Nearly 100 guests from government leaders of emerging cities in the digital industry, founders and executives of leading digital industry companies, and academic leaders from industrial institutions attended the conference and gave keynote speeches to discuss data centers future development.


The convening of the conference aroused widespread media attention. Shenzhen Satellite TV reported the conference on the spot, and related news of the conference was broadcast on Shenzhen TV in prime time. Nearly a hundred mainstream media followed up on the conference including People's Daily Online, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, People's Post and Telegraph, Jiemian News, Tencent, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Shenzhen Special Zone News, etc. , and nearly tens of millions of people watched the conference online live streaming.



Gain insights into the digital infrastructure industry and lead the megatrend of digital infrastructure


In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the importance of the digital economy has been repeatedly emphasized. The digital industry is developing rapidly, and the data center as a digital infrastructure is at a critical time point of transformation. The contradiction between increasing energy consumption and energy saving and emission reduction, high computing power and the traditional structure, the demand for digital empowerment and the low degree of industrial openness, has become increasingly prominent. Stand still and will be abandoned by the times. Through exchanges and discussions, it has become a consistent demand for upstream and downstream industries to recognize the trend and seize opportunities. The IDCC2021 conference is at the right time and provides an excellent platform for upstream and downstream exchanges and cooperation in the industry.




The process of sharing is also a process of communication and learning. During the conference, nearly a hundred guests discussed the topics of data center green development, planning and design, construction layout, investment and financing, international development, digital empowerment, etc., expounding their understanding of the industry, sharing the experience and lessons gained in the past year, analyzing technology and the market development trend.


Main Forum 1: Energy, Computing Power, Digitization


At the opening ceremony of the conference and the main forum, the guests focused on the three themes of "energy, computing power, and digitalization", starting from a macro perspective, with in-depth thinking and precise insights, leading the audience to understand the industry, clarify the direction, and grasp the trend . "Data Center Planning and Design Practice Forum", "Data Center Planning and Design Innovation Forum", "Large Data Center Construction Layout", "Capital Boosts Data Center High-Quality Development Forum", "Data Center International Cooperation Forum", "Data Center Carbon The topics of the guests sharing in thematic forums such as "and Forum" are more detailed and in-depth, and the sharing of technological innovation and practical implementation has benefited the audience a lot.




Main Forum 2: High Performance Development of the Digital Industry

The country attaches great importance to the digital economy. With the introduction of a series of policies such as "Integrated Big Data Center Layout" and "Eastern Data Center, Western Computing", local governments have also participated in the data center industry layout and construction. As policy makers and industry managers, local governments also need to obtain more comprehensive and true industry feedback through industry exchanges to further guide the high-quality development of the digital industry.


The "Digital Industry High-quality Development Forum" co-sponsored by the Data Center Committee of China Communications Industry Association, People's Venture Capital, and Digital China Industry Development Alliance was also held simultaneously. Long Xianshun, Deputy Secretary-General of Shaoguan Municipal People's Government, and Member of the Standing Committee of the Shuozhou Municipal Committee of Shanxi Province Youyu County Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhenhai, Zixing City People’s Government Deputy Mayor Zhang Yong, Gui’an New Area Big Data Development Service Center Director Wang Jun, Zhongwei City Cloud Computing and Big Data Development Bureau Deputy Director Li Bin, and Head Data Center Enterprise executives attended this meeting to discuss the high-quality development path of the digital industry under the new situation, and reached a number of cooperation agreements signed on the spot, set a benchmark for government-enterprise cooperation, and built a new model for the development of local digital industry to inject new impetus.


High-end dialogue: focus on "computing power empowerment" and "sustainable development"


Innovative thinking is often enlightened in collisions and blooms in communication. IDCC2021 held two roundtable forums centered on the topics of energy, computing power, and digitization, and presented two wonderful discussions for participants in the form of high-end dialogues and collisions of ideas.



How will computing power empower digitization, and what computing power support is needed for digital transformation? Under the auspices of Sun Bin, Chief Operating Officer of Zhujian Intelligent, Zhang Jing, General Manager of Information Center of Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd., Fu Qingming, Vice President of Jingdong Group, Yang Song, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Shangtang Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager of Kehua Data President Lin Qingmin and other experts conducted in-depth discussions on the topic of "digitalization of computing power empowering industry". The guests expressed their opinions, analyzed the status quo of digitization, clarified the mutual promotion of computing power and digitization, and looked forward to the future development of computing power.


The forum invited He Baohong, Director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Jin Heping, Chief Information Officer of the Three Gorges Group, Chairman of the Data Center Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, Long Xianshun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shaoguan Municipal People’s Government, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Zixing Municipal People’s Government. Mayor Zhang Yong, General Manager Xu Suhai of the Data Center Division of Sinochem Jinmao, and Chen Jiangping, Senior Vice President of GDS, had a high-end dialogue on the "Sustainable Development Path of Data Centers". Distinguished guests from government, enterprises, and research institutes will focus on topics such as the digital development of cities, the enabling meaning of data centers, and the support of regional resources for the development of data centers. They will discuss new data centers with high technology, high energy efficiency, high reliability, and high security. The sustainable development path has been analyzed in depth from multiple perspectives and perspectives.


Show Excellent results and Encourage Learning


For the data center industry that is advancing through continuous innovation and exploration, the case is the best mentor. In the past year's development, industry pioneers who have the courage to innovate have conducted many explorations and practices, and new technologies, new products, new models, and new solutions for new scenarios and new needs continue to emerge. 


At the conference site, the "China IDC Industry Annual Selection" award ceremony was held to commend and award trophies to upstream and downstream companies in the IDC industry that have made useful explorations and achieved outstanding results in the past year.



The implementation of the data center is closely related to the development level of the local digital industry. Factors such as policy support, business environment, and the implementation of talents are all related to the smooth development of an enterprise. Shaoguan City, Zhongwei City, Gui'an New District, Zixing City, etc. dare to innovate in the process of promoting the high-quality development of the local urban digital industry, respect the law of industrial development, and create a good environment for the development of the local digital industry. Won the "City Digital Industry High-Quality Development Award" award in recognition of its innovative initiatives and achievements.

The forum set up an "excellent data center enterprise exhibition area" to display the products, services and solutions of outstanding enterprises. The exhibition area attracted dozens of well-known IDC services in China, including Huawei, Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure, Global Data, 21Vianet, Heying Data, Weichai, Kehua Data, Sino-Ocean Data, Midea Building Technology, Haoyun Changsheng, etc. Suppliers, IDC equipment suppliers, and solution providers will participate in the exhibition to showcase their products and solutions. In front of each booth, there are constantly interested participants staying in the footsteps, or carefully watching the products, or discussing and communicating with each other, and seeking cooperation space.


Standardize Technical Standards, Guide Innovation and Development


At present, upstream and downstream industries have realized the importance of data center carbon neutrality, but related exploration is still in its infancy. Different innovation directions and different technology selections have caused the construction of low-carbon and zero-carbon data centers to not only lack unified standards and certifications, but also to repeat R&D and invalid innovations, wasting a lot of resources and time. Therefore, the industry urgently needs a set of unified, universal, guiding and practical data center carbon-neutral construction standards.


Under the leadership of the Data Center Committee of China Communications Industry Association, a number of enterprises and institutions jointly drafted the first guiding standard for zero-carbon data centers in China) "T/CA 301-2021 "Zero-carbon Data Center Construction Standards"" The launch ceremony was held at the IDCC2021 grand ceremony.


The "Standard" defines the zero-carbon data center, and puts forward clear requirements for the zero-carbon data center planning, site selection, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, dismantling and recycling, etc., provide effective standard support for the construction of the zero-carbon data center.



Show the Market Panorama and Analyze the Future of the Industry


A research report with solid materials and professional analysis is a beacon on the road of industrial development. In-depth and comprehensive research on the industry chain and market analysis based on first-hand data is the best way to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

At this conference, "Digital Industry Think Tank" KZ Consulting reported on the "Research Report on the Application Status of Electromechanical Equipment in Data Centers" (

 Click for more report details: "Research Report on the Application of Data Center Electromechanical Equipment" was officially released) "China Data Center Industry Development Research Report" and other major reports were released and interpreted. The two reports show the status quo of the new digital infrastructure industry from different levels, interpret the development trend, and provide a scientific and reliable reference for the strategic decision-making of enterprises.


In addition to listening to the interpretation of the report, participants can also receive the "Data Center New Infrastructure White Paper" (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, Yangtze River Delta) series of white papers through the conference activity center for free, and the "China IDC Industry Information Compendium ("2022 edition”). These two books are very helpful for practitioners to grasp the status quo of industrial development. The data and analysis in them can help readers to better understand the future development path.

"China IDC Industry Information Encyclopedia (2022 Edition)" is in progress, and you can apply for it for free by clicking on it.


Industrial Synergy to Promote the High-Quality Development of Regional Digital Industry

With the advancing of the "Eastern Data and Western Calculation" policy, more and more IDC companies are setting their sights on emerging digital cities. Industry practitioners urgently need to strengthen communication with local governments to understand industrial policies, local advantages, resource advantages and business environment, etc., in order to provide references for the strategic layout of enterprises.


The conference specially set up a "High-quality Urban Digital Industry Development Panorama" exhibition area, and selected emerging digital cities such as Zixing City, Ulan Chabu City, and Lanzhou New District to participate in the exhibition, fully displaying the characteristics and advantages of each city's digital industry. The industry has provided a new window for understanding the measures and achievements made by emerging digital economy cities in the process of promoting the high-quality development of urban digital industries.


The "Data Center Sustainability White Paper" (click to learn more about the white paper: "Data Center Sustainability White Paper" started preparation) as an important content of the "Regional Digital Industry High-quality Development Action Plan" of the Data Center Committee of China Communications Industry Association The establishment launch ceremony was held on site. Including China Communications Industry Association Data Center Committee, Shaoguan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Gui'an New District, Zixing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Youyu County Party Committee and County Government, Guangdong Data Center Industry Alliance, and Kezhi Consulting. Representatives of participating units attended the launching ceremony.


Whether it is the government, enterprise or investor, "cooperation for development" has become the consensus of the data center industry. In order to promote the integrated development of regional industry, finance, and investment, the forum held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony for the "Regional Digital Industry High-quality Development Action Plan". At the scene, a number of local governments and enterprises signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.


This signing of cooperation is an important step in the implementation of the "Regional Digital Industry High-Quality Development Action Plan". It not only promotes the cooperation between the above-mentioned enterprises and regions, but also provides a valuable reference for the cooperation between emerging digital cities and enterprises across the country.



Zero Distance from Large Factories in the Industrial Chain

Leading companies often play the role of vane and navigator in the industry, with rich practical experience, strong capital investment, and long-term technology accumulation. Get close to leading companies, listen to strategic layout ideas, observe innovative product technologies, on the one hand, expand business opportunities, on the other hand, help your own development reference.


Forum settings: "Green Smart Infrastructure Connecting to a Sustainable Future-GDS First Generation Smart DC Conference", "Smart DC, Pre-Building the Future-Huawei Low Carbon Data Center Forum", "Alibaba Cloud Panjiu Liquid Cooling Foundation" Facility Special Session-Alibaba Cloud Panjiu Liquid Cooling Product Launch Conference", "Data Center Smart Energy Efficiency Forum-Shuangdeng Group Special Session", "Data Center Decarbonization Solution Forum-Siemens Special Session", a total of 5 corporate special sessions, Industrial partners build a platform for in-depth cooperation and communication.


During the conference, visits such as “Enter Midea (Shunde) Headquarters” and “Enter Huawei Digital Energy Innovation Experience Center” were organized to help the industry gain a more intuitive understanding of the two companies and lay the foundation for in-depth cooperation


Ecological Integration to Create a Diversified Industrial Communication Platform



The IDC Industry Annual Ceremony is a weather vane for the data center industry and a platform for in-depth industry exchanges. With the rapid changes in the market environment, industry exchanges and display needs have become more frequent and diversified. From the perspective of the entire ecological chain of the upstream and downstream of the industry, the IDCC2021 conference has designed numerous cooperation, exchange, and sharing links to meet the diversified needs of participating companies.


In-depth cooperation and important decisions require a more suitable platform for thinking and communication. In order to promote the deep integration of the industry and strengthen the mutual trust of the industrial chain, IDCC2021 organized many closed-door meetings for companies and projects with in-depth communication needs, including the China IDC Circle Enterprise Club Member Plenary, China Communications Industry Association Data Center Committee Council & Plenary Meeting , "Underwater Data Center Technical Requirements" Standard Work Seminar, "Data Center Photovoltaic Grid-connected Technical Requirements" Standard Work Seminar, "Data Center Supply Chain Management Capability Maturity Evaluation Criteria" work seminar, etc. Experts in various fields close In-depth discussion and work together to advance various tasks.

Share industry insights and shape the industry structure together. During the IDCC2021 conference, three high-end dinners were held: "Together, Start Again", "Starry Night·See the Future", and "Go All the Way". The conference invites ecological partners and leading data center companies to toast and talk, exchange business experience, expand cooperation space, and work together to promote the integration and mutual assistance of industrial ecology.


The China IDCquan Enterprise Club is a high-end exchange and cooperation platform composed of upstream and downstream enterprises in the data center and cloud computing industry chain. In the same period of the IDCC annual ceremony, the Chinese IDCquaan corporate club set up "iTalk Speakers" open speeches to provide member companies with a platform for in-depth display and communication, and promote multi-directional communication in the industrial chain and ecological chain.


2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The high-quality development path of my country's economy and society is facing multiple tests of internal transformation and external factors. The 16th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony was successfully held, providing an industrial platform for the IDC industry to communicate, share, and learn, and it also clarifies the direction for the future development of China data center industry. It helps build a healthier and more competitive industrial ecological environment, and further consolidate the foundation for the high-quality development of China digital industry.

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