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Yubei Built an Energy Big Data Center to Help Intelligent Services

In January of this year, the construction of the Yubei District Energy Big Data Center was officially launched. The center gathered macro data on electricity, water, gas, oil and other energy as well as user-side detailed data, and it will use big data technology to analyze energy data. It provides support for promoting the efficient use of energy and the high-quality development of energy in Yubei District.


Screen of Yubei District Energy Big Data Center

The district energy big data center was jointly built by the district bureau and Shibei Power Supply Company. The project was officially launched in January this year and has now been completed. The center integrated energy data of Yubei District and established an application scenario model. Through comprehensive analysis of indicators such as total energy production, energy production structure, energy consumption combined with population, and economic growth rate of the three major industries, it serves the government, enterprises and the public. At present, the center has initially realized the real-time, open, and shared mode of energy data, laying the foundation for providing smarter energy services to the society. In the future, the District Big Data Bureau will further explore the value of energy big data, actively explore new data application models, and develop more data products from the perspective of serving the government, energy companies, energy-using companies, and the public, so as to help the government grasp the economic dynamics of the region as well as providing decision-making reference for the adjustment of enterprise industrial structure, investment promotion, energy saving and emission reduction.

Since the trial operation of the District Energy Data Center, the system is currently operating properly. By the end of December 2021, it is planned to further improve system functions, promote the access and sharing of multiple energy data, carry out multi-dimensional analysis of energy data, innovate sustainable operation models, and build a comprehensive energy service ecosystem.

The relevant person in charge of the District Big Data Bureau said that we will work closely with Shibei Power Supply Company and further integrate multi-party data resources to serve smart energy services for the government, enterprises, and society, and continue to provide the government with industry macroeconomic assessment analysis to support government decision making. It will provide energy consumption query statistics and comprehensive energy services for energy-consuming enterprises to improve the management level of energy enterprises, and provide energy users with comprehensive energy consumption query and other services to improve the public's awareness of energy conservation.

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