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Dr. Peng officially settled in Qingdao Oceantec Valley, which will fill the gap in the localized operation model of Qingdao's digital economy platform

On November 16, Dr. Peng Telecom Media Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dr. Peng") received a business license at the Qingdao Civic Center and officially settled in Qingdao Oceantec Valley. Dr. Peng, who has been included in the list of China's top 100 Internet companies for eight consecutive years, will provide powerful assistance for the high-quality development of the Internet in Blue Valley and even the entire Shandong province, and fill the gap in the localized operation model of Qingdao's digital economy platform.


Since the beginning of this year, Qingdao Oceantec Valley has mainly concentrated on the 24 industrial chains in Qingdao to plan the layout, seek breakthroughs, and combine local advantages to reshape the industrial planning——clearly define three emerging industries: marine high-tech services, marine biology, and marine high-end equipment, as well as the "3+2" industrial system of the two featured industries of marine cultural tourism and sea-side headquarters economy.  At present, these emerging industries and featured industries are quickly rising relying on the four thousand-mu industrial parks of marine biology, marine high-end equipment, and marine information. The introduction of the Dr. Peng project is an important step for Qingdao Oceantec Valley to lay out the marine high-tech service industry. The joining of Dr. Peng will promote the deep integration of big data and marine industry. Relying on its decades of accumulation in cloud, network, edge and terminal, it will build a 5G big data industry chain and create digital industrial clusters including 5G, Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud computing, industrial internet, industrial big data, AI, blockchain, metaverse. It will give full play to the leading role of the main project of the leading chain on the industry.



Dr. Peng is one of the earliest entrants in China’s Internet access and IDC industry. Its main business is divided into four major systems, smart cloud network business, data center business, home broadband and value-added business, industrial Internet and digital economy industrial park business. From 2021, Dr. Peng will fully upgrade from a "traditional communication operator" to a "new digital intelligence service operator". According to the resolution of Dr. Peng’s board of directors, Dr. Peng intends to set up a subsidiary in Qingdao Oceantec Valley to be responsible for the construction and operation of the Qingdao-Beijing computing power network project, and to provide external computing power and storage services through the existing access network and the newly built computing power Internet network. , to provide Qingdao Oceantec Valley  with the most cutting-edge digital and Internet technology, to realize the two-wheel drive of industry and Internet.


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