The 3rd Digital China Summit – Policies released to support China’s digitalization

On 12th October, 2020, officials from Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) gave speeches about policies to support China’s digitalization, including further strengthening the top-level design, preparing a network information plan for the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, building high-quality digital infrastructure, such as 5G, data centers, industrial Internet and AI, and focusing on supporting the development and application of high-end chips, operating systems and other key software and hardware applications development.


ZHUANG Rong Wen (Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Director of Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and Director of CAC) said,

In the next step, in-depth investigation will be carried out, and the relevant plans for‘the 14th Five-Year Plan’period will be complied with high standards,  so as to promote the informatization development in all fields of economy and society. We will speed up the core technologies breakthrough in the information field, and focus on supporting the research and development of the high-end chips, core devices, operating system, database and high-end servers, increase the competitiveness of the industrial chain supply chain. We will also accelerate the construction of digital government, establish and improve the system and rules for the use of information technology to carry out administrative management, further improve the business environment, and stimulate the vitality of various market players.


LIU Lie Hong (Deputy Minister of MIIT) said,

Building digital China means to accelerate to form the “dual circulation”development pattern centered on the domestic economy. The next step is to improve the quality of digital infrastructure, such as 5G, data centers, gigabit fiber, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence, and strengthen the foundation of Digital China. We will improve integration and innovation capabilities, stimulate the vitality of digital China, continue to cultivate and expand the development momentum of the digital economy, and deepen the integration and innovation of the new generation of information foundation and economic and social fields. We will also accelerate the digital, network, and intelligent transformation of the economy and society, improve the coordination levels of factors, optimize digital China construction ecology, strengthen industry integration to deepen industry-education integration, improve intellectual property protection, optimize the development environment, and promote the efficient ratio of various factors. Besides, improve the efficiency of digital governance, strengthen the guarantee for the construction of a digital China, innovate institutional arrangements, improve the construction of laws, regulations and standardization system construction, steadily improve data management capabilities, comprehensively improve the level of security assurance, and empower the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities.

WU Hao ( Deputy Secretary of NDRC) also pointed out that the construction of digital China should adhere to security and development at the same time. The next step will be to actively promote the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, AI and the real economy, accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing and revitalize the real economy to support forming the new “dual circulation”development pattern centered on the domestic economy.

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