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China Unicom (Shiyan Branch) participated in the construction of the first water-cooled big data center project in Hubei Province

On the morning of August 23, the first water-cooled big data center project in Hubei Province and the "Wudang Cloud Valley" big data center in Shiyan City officially started construction in Danjiangkou City, Shiyan. Danjiangkou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Hongfu, Mayor Wu Xiaokai, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Pan Xinping, CPPCC Chairman Tian Yuling, Shiyan Unicom Party Secretary and General Manager Cao Yang, and Hanjiang Group General Manager He Xiaodong attended the event.   


The "Wudang Cloud Valley" big data center project is located in the big data industrial park in the right bank urban area of Danjiangkou City. It covers an area of 1,600 acres and has a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. It will drive an industrial investment of 5 billion yuan. It is the first big data center in Hubei Province that uses natural water cooling instead of electricity to cool the computer room. After completion, the clean power of the Danjiangkou Reservoir Power Station will be used as the power supply for the system, and the deep water source of the reservoir will be used to cool the equipment in the computer room. Compared with the traditional cooling method, the use of water cooling will greatly reduce the power consumption.   


ZHANG Tao, deputy director of the Network Information Center of Hanjiang Group, said: “The water temperature of Danjiangkou Reservoir is kept below 13 degrees Celsius all year round, just like a natural cold storage, while the temperature of the water flowing through the data center only rises by 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, and physical heating has no impact on water quality. The project could help to save 80 million kwh electricity consumption can save 80 million kwh annually.”   


China Unicom's Shiyan branch will build a backbone Internet node directly connected to Wuhan from Danjiangkou in the big data center to provide large-capacity, high-reliability, and low-latency bandwidth guarantees for the project. Cao Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shiyan Unicom, pointed out: "After the project is completed, the bandwidth export will reach more than 5T, which will greatly enhance Danjiangkou's Internet access capabilities across the country, especially in the central and western regions. As the main force in the construction of network, Digital China, and smart society, China Unicom will regard this project as an opportunity to strengthen its responsibilities as an outstanding practitioner of national strategy and a responsible person for government and economic and social development. Positioning, strengthen communication and collaboration with the Danjiangkou Municipal People’s Government and Hanjiang Group, and work together to build the Wudang Cloud Valley Big Data Center into a benchmark case for national data centers. “   


It is understood that the "Wudang Cloud Valley" big data center park mainly hosts the Shiyan City regional big data center, operator edge computing center, industry application and disaster recovery center, Internet and financial industry disaster recovery center, Internet enterprise computing power data center and other industries. The project plans to construct 5 data centers and 1 exhibition center, with a total rack number of about 10,000. The annual output value can reach 1.7 billion yuan. In order to realize the transformation of the old industrial base in Shiyan City, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Northwest Hubei Development provides strategic support.   


LU Jun, director of Danjiangkou Municipal Services and Big Data Administration, said: "This project will promote the development of Danjiangkou's digital economy, realize the transformation and upgrading of the city's industry, and improve the level of urban informatization.”   


After the groundbreaking ceremony, the guests came to the China Unicom Smart City Observation and Experience Zone to learn more about Unicom's 5G﹢smart construction site, smart education (VR virtual teaching), big data epidemic prevention platform, 5G interactive live broadcast, industrial Internet, smart water conservancy, smart tourism, etc. The guests provide positive feedback to various emerging applications.

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