PLCN Submarine Cable Project Approved to Grant Dr.Peng

IDCNOVA news:In the night of June 24,2019,Chinese data center operator Dr.Peng announced that its holding subsidiary has received the official approval for PLCN from competent authorities.

According to the approval documents,PLCN China part locates in the northeaster part of South China Sea,occupying 99.37 hectars for cable construction in the ground within 25 years.It stipulate for concrete measurements to protect maritime environment and avoid to affect other legal activities nearby.

It’s cited that,this project contains of 822 km cable and the period covers the starting date till September 3,2020.Dr.Peng replied that they have finished all the approval process,which provides a steady foundation for the following construction.

As the first submarine cable connecting Hong Kong and Los Angeles directly,it’ll be completed mutually by the subsidiary of Dr.Peng and international company.Applied with long distance transmission of C plus L bandwidth,the total capability is 144 Tbps.The potential of this project is telco operators,multinational OTT enterprises,cloud computing service providers,data center service providers,internet service providers and large-scale multinational companies.At present,PLCN is underway for construction and estimated to be completed withi 2019.By December 31,2018,its pre-sale volume had exceeded 37.1 million dollars.

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