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​Data Centers Accelerate the Development of Optical Fiber and Cable Industry


With the proposal of the “new infrastructure” concept, the construction of data centers has become a key promotion content in China. The National Development and Reform Commission has also clarified the scope of new infrastructure construction. The implementation of major data center projects has also helped the development of the optical fiber and cable industry. What advantages does the development of the optical cable industry bring, and how industry-related companies should strive to compete for market share have become the direction that the industry is more concerned about.


1. The Eastern Data and Western Computing Project was launched to help the development of optical fiber and cable


As we all know, optical fiber communication has natural advantages such as large capacity, low power consumption, high security, and low cost of transmission media. The interconnection solutions within data centers and between data centers are inseparable from the support of optical fiber communication-related technologies and products. The large-scale deployment of data centers, which is one of the major data center development projects, is bound to detonate the optical communication industry. In terms of optical fiber communication, to transmit massive data from the east to the west, it is necessary to increase the bandwidth and speed of communication, and investment in this area is bound to increase.


As the transmission channel of east-west data, optical fiber and cable will continue to benefit from the data growth brought about by east-west computing. In the future, G.654. optical fiber will definitely replace G.655 optical fiber and G.652 optical fiber as the first choice for the upgrading of optical fiber transmission and transmission bearer network, which will bring new market opportunities and development space to the optical fiber and cable industry.


The "East Data and Western Computing" project has been launched. China Mobile will further accelerate the opening of data channels, strive to build a batch of "East Data Western Computing" demonstration lines as soon as possible, quickly optimize the communication network structure, improve the network node level of the national data center cluster, and improve the network transmission quality. At present, China Mobile is working hard to allow users to enjoy computing power services anytime, anywhere, accelerate network reconstruction, and create social-level services of "one-point access, instant use", and finally realize "ubiquitous network access and ubiquitous computing power."  intelligence is omnipotent".


2、OM5 Fiber May Become the First Choice for Data Centers


In the future, with the continuous improvement of data information exchange, computing, and storage requirements, the data throughput of data centers will increase rapidly, and the proportion of optical fiber usage in data center wiring will increase. Given the size, architecture, network capacity and storage requirements of various data centers, the use of multimode fiber will be the first choice. Among them, OM5 fiber has attracted much attention. Compared with OM3 and OM4 fiber, OM5 fiber can only be based on single-wavelength transmission. It can expand the bandwidth performance of traditional OM4 fiber at 850nm to 953nm. ) technology, transmits four wavelengths on a multimode fiber at the same time, which increases the transmission capacity of multimode fiber to 4 times the original, and is fully backward compatible at the same time. It has significant advantages in increasing the transmission rate and cabling length of data center links.


3、Single-mode fiber will be used accordingly in the long run


The use of multi-mode fiber in data center construction has its advantages and practical necessity, but the advantages of single-mode fiber such as extremely low attenuation, ultra-high bandwidth capacity, and support for ultra-long-distance transmission should not be ignored. Single-mode fiber has begun to be used in data internal interconnection, and it will be used in the construction of data centers in the future to improve the link transmission rate and support the evolution and upgrade of data centers.


4、High-density, Large-Core-Count Optical Cable has Broad Prospects


The continuous improvement of rack deployment in large-scale data centers has put forward higher and higher demands on line capacity while compressing cabling space. Reducing the volume of optical cables, reducing the occupancy of wiring space, and reducing costs and improving the convenience of operation and maintenance have become urgent issues to be solved. With the help of new products and structures such as optical fibers with a diameter of 200 μm or even smaller, mesh optical fiber ribbons, high-density, large-core-count optical cables may be produced in the future. More application requirements in data center cabling. Along with this, the demand for ultra-fine diameter optical fiber products and mesh optical fiber ribbon products will also increase. Related companies can make efforts in the miniaturization of optical fibers and cables, make arrangements in advance, and seize market opportunities.


To sum up, the data center has greatly contributed to the development of the optical fiber and cable industry. In 2021, the information infrastructure construction and communication industry handed over an excellent answer sheet. The entire industry maintains a stable and good operation trend, and the scale of new infrastructure users is rapid. Expanded, mobile Internet traffic maintained rapid growth, network infrastructure continued to evolve and upgrade, and the eastern, central and western regions developed in a coordinated manner. It has once again consolidated the foundation for the future development of the communication industry, and has also brought impetus to the development of related industries, and the optical fiber and cable industry is one of them. In 2022, the communication industry will set sail, driven by dual gigabit, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, etc., and the optical fiber and cable industry will follow closely.

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