Boosting PUE 1.25 or lower, Shenzhen released green data center policy

IDCNOVA news: April 15,2019,Shenzhen released its latest policy on data center industry.Released by the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality,this competent notice aims at data center energy-saving.

In this regulation,it boosts and stipulated some highlights related to the overall programming and concrete measurements on data center industry locally.


1.Lower PUE classification

The most noticeable target is to reduce PUE.Shenzhen stresses technological guidance to upgrade the whole industry by follow-up means and supporting move for newly-generated energy consumption from data centers on the basis of PUE indicator.Data centers with PUE higher than 1.4 won’t be awarded any supporting means,data center with PUE lower than 1.25 will be awarded 40%and more support of the newly-generated energy consumption.


2.Upgrading the old and worn data center

Besides,Shenzhen will strengthen relative guidance to promote the green remould and transformation of old and worn data centers(including public ones).Shenzhen also emphasize the reduction and replacement ways to advance the green data center construction across the city by controlling the annual newly-generated energy-consumption from data center industry,in the bid to achieve that purpose,Shenzhen will hardly implement alternative measures involving higher energy efficiency to replace lower one,larger scale to replace smaller one and new and cutting edge technology to replace the out-of date one.

3.Overall planning and monitoring

In addition,Shenzhen will improve the energy management system,implement energy-saving policies and regulations,encourage all the data center undertakers to adopt advanced energy conservation technologies and equipment.Shenzhen will also set a overall monitoring network on data center energy consumption.


Compared with green data center policies of Beijing and Shanghai,Shenzhen is more concrete and flexible considering the local industry,actual status and market mechanism aiming at long-standing,sustainable and healthy development.From the detailed PUE classification and“bonus”accordingly to the replacement measurement by upgrading instead of launching new databases,as well as the neutral perspective to play the full role of market itself,which is more considerate and organic,referring to the tropical climate and limited land size of Shenzhen.

1.PUE is just one facet

Only focusing on L1,PUE is not effecting IT part,which is not complete.A green and energy-conserving data center should take more factors into consideration in the future.

For example,the latest servers could be applied with low power consumption chip,thus at the same algorithm capability,its energy consumption may be only 80%or even lower.Lift the power conversion efficiency inner the server,which is also useful.

2.It’s“designed”to become a green data center

In a certain view,as long as you consider and try to fulfil the factors could reduce PUE,a green data center could be“designed”in the beginning.Ahd the factors consists of:

For the preliminary design,

Climate.High latitude area,areas with lower temperature annually.

Location.Deployment in positions with lower temperature like valley,cave,mine or so.


For power supply,

Introducing external power supply,like solar power or other new energy

Adopting high efficient power supply architect,like AC direct supply+UPS or HVDC

Adopting high efficient conversion device,like high efficient UPS.

For cooling

Adopting high efficient refrigeration architect,introducing fresh air cooling,evaporation cooling,etc.

Adopting high efficient refrigeration solutions,like airtight channel,near-end refrigeration

Adopting high efficient thermal dissipation system,like server liquid cooling.

3.Promoting low-cost,generic technology

Even surging and booming new technologies each year,one point must be paid attention,that most technologies adopted in some low PUE data center are not applicable for large-scale promotion.After all,it’s not possible to erect most data centers in a cavern,or adopt cooling by natural waters from nearby lakes and so on.

Thus,it may be more meaningful and worthy for promotion to pursue how to utilize universal technologies and conventional products to achieve the lower PUE rather than technological innovation to drive lower and lower PUE.

Actually,various computer machine rooms could be formed up via modular construction,standard modules at fast speed,lower cost and high energy efficiency.

By AI technology,information at different systems in the data center could be collected,and hence the behind natures found out to match the lowest energy consumption configurations.

4.Energy saving and emission reduction for the whole industry

In the future,guidance should be done in the aspects of policies and regulations,standard formulation,industrial cooperation,technological promotion and so on.

Since modular construction acts as more energy-saving,is it possible to legislate some industrial spec into national ones?

Since internet industry has undergone lots of practices in architect,is it possible to establish the relative standards referring to AC,distributed power and promote them widely?

As for operation and maintenance,those innovative tools self-developed by large-scale enterprises for efficiency lifting and energy consumption reduction,could they become products and be promoted?

As for the policy,is it reasonable to set up the accredited and unified energy efficiency standard nationwide like electric scooter,and provide with subsidiaries at different levels as per the various efficiency?



As relative policies coming out,it’’s believable that PUE and data center-related industry will become a large market of tens of or even hundreds of billions.

Not long ago,according to Wallstreet Journal,a new protocol was agreed between China and US during the trade deal,referring to the fast increasing cloud computing market of China,US hopes China to open this market.And China agreed with this proposal to loosens the channels that overseas tech companies into China cloud computing market.

For China data center industry it seems inevitable that overseas capital will access into China market.Encountering with the already established data center market domestically by Chinese giants and the relatively mature industrial structure,energy saving and operation and maintenance,advocated for long yet to boom,may truly embrace faster growth driven by more capital.

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