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[Event in China] 2022-05-20 Executive Forum | China data center industry has entered a new stage of development. How can enterprises seize the opportunity and avoid risks?


With the introduction and implementation of the policies of "New Infrastructure", "Carbon Neutrality", "Carbon Peaking", and "East Data West Computing", China's IDC industry has entered a new stage of development. According to the "2021-2022 China IDC Industry Development Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the Report), the "new" development stage not only represents new industrial opportunities, the application of new technologies, the new national integrated industrial layout, but also includes new challenges, such as policy requirements for PUE, changes in cabinet supply and demand, and intensified market competition.


In order to help upstream and downstream enterprises in the data center industry chain to avoid risks and seize development opportunities, the China IDC QUAN Enterprise Club will hold an offline 2022 China IDC Industry Development Special Forum in Beijing on May 20, 2022. Industry experts, representatives of domestic IDC enterprises and analyst from KZ Consulting will be invited to comprehensively analyze the development status and prospects of China data center industry in the new era and new background based on the report content, and focus on the differentiated needs of IDC enterprises. Based on the opportunities and challenges encountered, the forum is aiming at providing the corresponding solutions and supporting enterprises to move towards wider cooperation.


The report was compiled by KZ Consulting. The full version has a total of 111 pages, about 53,000 words, and 51 charts, including analysis of the global IDC business market and China's IDC business market. China IDC business market analysis is the focus of the report. The report makes a panoramic scan of China's IDC industry from the three dimensions of the overall industry environment, the supply and demand of cabinets, and industrial investment and financing. Besides, the divided analysis dimensions include policies, technology, industry development, competition pattern, supply and demand status, IDC resource status, customer demand changes, etc. On the basis of scanning the macro status of the industry and drawing opinions based on survey data and industry experience, the report presents the latest changes and future development trends of the IDC business market


In this offline event, through the extensive collection of enterprise opinions and topics of concern to enterprises in the early stage, the China IDC QUAN Enterprise Club has set up targeted activities, including the elaboration of the report content around related topics, and the keynote speeches by enterprise representatives based on their own practices. The forum will also communicate on real-world issues, etc.


KZ Consulting analysts will focus on hot topics that enterprises pay attention to, such as industrial policy and industrial development direction, using data to show development trends, point out opportunities, and provide support for enterprises to formulate their next development plans . In the interactive session, the China IDC QUAN Club will provide in-depth communication opportunities for enterprise cooperation, in order to strengthen exchanges between different supply and demand sides and promote more cooperation between enterprises.


This offline event is only open to club members. Here, the China IDC QUAN Enterprise Club sincerely invites more member companies to join. For more information, please contact pm.s@idcnova.com



About China IDC Quan Enterprise Club

The China IDC Quan Enterprise Club is an industry exchange and cooperation platform initiated by the China IDC Quan and composed of governments, industrial parks, data centers, equipment manufacturers, cloud computing, investment and financing and other enterprises. The club is engaging in gathering upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, is committed to the development and application of industrial digitalization, helping enterprises to achieve complementary advantages, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation, and to build a full ecological construction of China Internet, data centers and cloud computing industries. At present, the enterprise club has covered the entire ecology of the data center industry, providing enterprises with technical exchanges, resource cooperation, brand marketing, supply and demand connection and finance services.

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