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IDCNOVA Privacy Statement

IDCNOVA is committed to securing your personal data and respecting the choices you make. “Personal data” is any information from which you could be personally identified. This statement informs you of our collection and privacy practices for personal data.

IDCNOVA operates procedures in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and/or local applicable laws.

Our Principles

We operate a privacy program within IDCNOVA to meet our data protection obligations and principles. Those principles are as follows:

Be lawful, fair and transparent

Where we process the personal data of clients, our employees, third parties or private individuals, our practices should be lawful, fair and clear in purpose. To achieve this we shall ensure that we hold a legal basis, consent, or a balanced legitimate business reason to process personal data in our business practices.

Provide clear information & choice

IDCNOVA shall be clear on what we do, providing information and choice when collecting and processing personal data. We shall not use personal data in a way incompatible with these principles, our notices and this privacy statement.

Our clients, staff, job applicants and partners will be provided with reasonable means to review, amend and delete personal data each has shared with IDCNOVA.

Accurate and limited in purpose

We only use personal data for the described purposes or entirely compatible purposes in accordance with law. We shall take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data remains accurate, complete and current. IDCNOVOA respect your data rights.

Data security

IDCNOVA protect all personal data against disclosure or unauthorised access using a variety of technical, physical and administrative measures.

Protecting Your Data

Where we collect, store, process or transfer personal data IDCNOVA will use physical, technical and administrative controls to protect that data.

How We Use Data

IDCNOVA collect and use personal data in person, verbally and electronically to manage how we interact and deliver personal experience to you and grow our business. Those purposes include:

Customer Experience:

We will utilise your data to deliver customer support, personalise your online experience and create services and opportunities tailored to your preferences. Often we will hold client training and events onsite, online and over the phone.


To develop our services, create new features and understand our offering, IDCNOVOA incorporate some data analysis activities, web analytics and cookies to help us make decisions within the business.

Marketing & Communication:

To tell you all about services in which you have expressed an interest we will present you with insight and offers/sales opportunities in line with your privacy preferences.

Business Operations:

To operate our business we use personnel recruitment and training data, integrate security into our websites and our physical locations and collect information to detect crime and remain compliant with applicable laws protecting ourselves, our clients and relevant third parties. We will maintain copies of data for backup and business continuity purposes.

Administrative Support:

We will use your data to support your requests, assist with ordering of our services and maintain appropriate contact with our people and clients. IDCNOVA will retain some information to resolve disputes as required.

Data We Collect

You will not always be required to share the personal data that we request and we will attempt to collect no more than is fit for purpose; however in some circumstances we may be unable to meet your needs without it, our process is likely to depend on the nature of the interaction.

At IDCNOVA, we collect personal data through a variety of sources across the business inclusive of:

Contact Data:

We may collect personal and/or business contact data including your first name, last name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address and other similar contact information.

Detailed Location Data

A more detailed location when you enable location-based services on a device or when you choose to provide location related information during a registration.

Application Data

We collect some information related to applications such as location, language, data sharing choices and update details.

Website Browsing Data

We collect information about your visits to and your activity on our websites that you view and interact with, the address of the website from which you arrived and other clickstream behaviour such as the pages you view or the links you click. Some of this information is collected using Automatic Data Collection Tools which include cookies, web beacons and embedded web links.

Anonymous or Aggregated Data

We may collect anonymous and/or aggregated information during the course of our operations, we may also apply a process of de-identification to your data to making it unlikely to identify you.

Security Credentials Data

We collect user IDs, passwords, and similar security information required for authentication to our websites and services.

Demographic Data

We may collect, or obtain from third parties, certain demographic data including country, gender, age and preferred language.

Other Unique Identifying Information

Examples of other unique information that we may collect from you include information you provide when you interact in-person, online or by phone or mail.

Sharing Your Data

IDCNOVA on occasion shall share your personal data as outlined below:

Companies within the IDCNOVA group

We may transfer your data within the IDCNOVA group of companies for the purposes outlined in this privacy statement. These entities exist in Hongkong and China, and are bound by our privacy requirements and inter-company model clauses in the contract.

Compliance with the Law

Where we have an obligation to comply with law enforcement, the courts or other recognised authorities or to protect IDCNOVA’s legitimate interests in line with the law, we may be required to share or reproduce personal data to satisfy those requirements.

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

From time to time we may be required to revise the content of this privacy statement. If we do so, for example due to material changes to our practices, then we will consider the effect on those on whom we hold personal data and publish here the revised privacy statement.

This statement was reviewed on: 19 January 2021.